LCM-Raleigh's weekly gathering is moving to Thursdays at 6:34pm this fall. Why 6:34pm? Because as busy, grateful, anxious, excited, grieving, depressed, curious, joyful, and growing college students, we need to hear Jesus tell us again and again, "So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough... Continue Reading →

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Take a break from classes and gather round the fire for s'mores, singing, and stories. Bring your guitar. Bring your appetite. We'll eat dinner in the Stud and then head outside and light the fire on the corner of Brooks and Clark. See you there!

The autumn's crisp air greets us each morning in Raleigh these days. A cold air that wakes you up, like jumping into a mountain creek on a hot summer day - a chill, a rush, a reminder that you're alive. Sometimes an encounter with the Eternal One is like that; sometimes it's a still, silent... Continue Reading →

Our last day in El Paso was a short but memorable day. We had the awesome opportunity to attend worship at Cristo Rey. It was an exciting day in the church as they celebrated 2 baptisms, and 8 confirmations! We were all so welcomed, and congregation members were excited for us to be there. Even... Continue Reading →

We began our last full day in El Paso by visiting an immigrant at her home in a nearby colonia. A colonia is a small rural settlement which typically lacks access to necessary utilities. We visited with a woman who lived there (name left out for confidentiality). She had just gotten running water in December... Continue Reading →

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Each morning, our group met for a brief litany before starting the day. The topics and experiences of each day challenged us and our morning litanies were a way to ground us and remind us of the “why” for the trip. Before I begin reflecting on Friday, May 19th, I thought I would share a... Continue Reading →

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday we traveled to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico the sister city of El Paso, Texas directly on the other side of the border. To get there, we took a few back streets through El Paso and, all of a sudden, we were at a border crossing. We didn't stop in Juarez initially but traveled to Anapra,... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Wanderings

In the morning we spoke with a couple of border patrol agents both who had a lot of experience. They told us that their job was to detain people who were caught crossing the border. The fences that are up really help them because they slow people down enough to catch them before they mix... Continue Reading →

As a disciple of Christ, I'm constantly amazed how Jesus navigates and negotiates borders. No fear. No anxiety. No assumptions. Just love, compassion, and an openness that defies the borders themselves. Avoid lepers? Why? Don't talk to women? Ridiculous. Never have a tax collector over for dinner. Overstatement. Pass the pie. Again and again, in... Continue Reading →

Join your LCM familia for the last splash of summer! We'll relax, make plans for the year ahead, worship, and deepen relationships. Ready to go? Sign-up here!

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